C2I provides extensive and in-depth knowledge in a wide range of IT systems development, management, and optimization within the Department of Defense. Our cyber security capabilities align to deliver DoD compliant Information Assurance and Cyber Security.


Our engineers leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to analyze, design, develop, and modernize information systems and infrastructures. We prioritize cost-effective solutions tailored to customer needs, optimizing return on investment. With over two decades of combined experience in government acquisitions, engineering, and program management, our C2I management team ensures expertise.

Our program and project managers are experience and certified by PMI and DAU. We utilize management practices that are agile and comply with PMBOK standards to provide planning, program oversight, budgeting, and execution (PPBE). Utilize our experience for the modernization and sustainment of your solutions


Information Technology Engineering Support

Concept to Integration Technologies employs a proven engineering lifecycle framework, defining activities, responsibilities, and exit criteria for each phase. We ensure project quality through gate reviews in the IT Governance process. Our C2I Engineers contribute across the entire engineering process, utilizing a life-cycle framework to guide stakeholders. We offer sustainable solutions, leveraging the expertise of analysts, designers, IT professionals, and engineers to help clients achieve diverse business goals in a people-process-technology integrated approach.


Information Assurance- Cyber Security Support ​

Our skilled professionals prioritize planning in our technology and security support, staying current with Department of Defense Information Assurance directives. C2I experts conduct audits, assessments, and analyses to identify system vulnerabilities, strategically fortifying protection for critical data. 

We excel in certification and accreditation activities following Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and DIACAP compliance validation to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD Information Technology (IT), FISMA compliance, NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF), Assessment & Authorization (A&A), Authorization to Operate (ATO), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)


IT Systems Services and Integration Support

C2I engineers utilize cutting-edge tools and technologies to analyze, design, develop, and modernize information systems and infrastructures. Our cost-effective solutions optimize return on investment, providing quick and easy access to critical information. Expertise in virtualization and integration leads to robust solutions, keeping programs on budget and schedule. Alongside system modernization, we leverage COTS solutions and industry partnerships for streamlined processes, dynamic decision-making, and increased information availability. Understanding business requirements, we deliver solutions that reduce life-cycle costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance customer value through a proven framework of processes.


Program and Project Management Support and Consulting Services​

C2I adopts a proactive and comprehensive approach to program and project management, ensuring timely and budget-friendly results. We employ industry best practices, automated tools, and experienced managers to identify and mitigate risks and issues throughout the project lifecycle. Communication is paramount, and we keep clients and employees informed and engaged at every level. Our program and project managers collaborate closely with clients, addressing scope, financials, and contracts. Leveraging skills acquired from industry and government experience, we refine program plans, resolve issues, and provide planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) expertise. Our effective use of Earned Value Management (EVM) processes ensures control over financial performance and resource utilization. C2I’s broad management experience extends to assisting clients in establishing Program Management Offices (PMO), tailoring solutions to meet strategic business requirements. Quality control procedures, aligned with workflow processes, are developed to mitigate technology costs and risks throughout the entire lifecycle.